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We offer an eclectic collection of reptiles that is sure to exceed your wildest dreams.

We are capable of handling all types of special request.

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Exotic Reptiles For Sale
When other reptile wholesalers and breeders cannot source what you desire, call World Exoctics Inc.
We can ship immediately to your location. We can ship it immediately if you can confirm that you have someone ready to receive your reptile.

Exotic Reptiles For Sale

Exotic Reptiles For SaleWith more than forty years of experience, we know the best methods for shipping your precious cargo to you.

We take great pride in getting your reptiles to you in the safest manner possible.

If you have any concerns about getting an exotic reptile please call to speak with an expert. We have supplied all sorts of Mammals, Birds & Reptiles from all over the World.

We are located in SouthWest Florida, World Exotics, Inc has an active USDA license and other Federal & State Licenses since the 1970’s. We will tell you what it takes to raise and keep the most exotic reptiles. Many times it could be diet, habitat, land and a particular native environment.